About the ACT RVRA


To support residents and prospective residents of ACT Retirement Villages by providing independent information, advice, advocacy and representation.

Objectives of the Association

  1. to advance and protect the interests of residents of retirement villages;
  2. to provide and disseminate information to residents and prospective residents of retirement villages;
  3. to remain financially and constitutionally independent from political parties and those involved in the development, administration and management of retirement villages;
  4. to inform and educate residents of retirement villages about the legislation relating to retirement villages and associated matters through seminars, publishing, electronic media and other methods approved by the committee;
  5. to present to government, the regulator, operator groups and companies, matters of concern to residents of retirement  villages; and
  6. to advocate on behalf of residents and/or to participate in dispute resolution processes when requested.

The ACT Retirement Village Residents Association is an Incorporated Association that may provide assistance for the resolution of a dispute that appears irreconcilable without outside help. It does not seek to usurp the proper functions and responsibilities of Residents Committees and would only become involved if invited.

Supporting residents in RV

The ACT RVRA aims to support residents, prospective residents and Resident Association Committees in ACT retirement villages by providing independent information, advice, advocacy and representation, including by:

  1.  enabling residents to assist and inform village management, including in relation to the development of the annual village budget;
  2. taking a responsible approach in seeking to uphold the rights and responsibilities of residents; and
  3. if invited, and without usurping the proper functions and responsibilities of Residents’ Committees and through constructive dialogue, helping to resolve a dispute that appears irreconcilable without outside help.

Record of Significant Achievements

The ACT RVRA has a record of significant achievements in its short life, including by:

  1. contributing to Government policy through submissions made in relation to ACT Retirement Villages Act 2012, the review in 2015/2016, and producing associated Information sheets;
  2. supporting residents in their applications to the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT); and
  3. proposing, and supporting in the ACT Legislative Assembly, the establishment of an ACT Retirement Villages ombudsman.

ACT RVRA Governance

Click for the ACT RVRA Constitution Click for the ACT RVRA By-Laws

ABN 78 305 121 688 | ACT Registered Association A05091

ACTRVRA Committee Members

Name Position
Ms Janine Lewis President
Mr Mike Vale Vice-President (Admin)
Public Officer
Vacant Vice-President (Village Liaison)
Ms Anne Caine Secretary
Prof. Ken Freeman Treasurer
Ms Anne Carrick
Mrs Margret Simmonds

as at 11 Apr 2024

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