Dispute Resolution

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One of the issues that the members of the ACT RVRA Committee hear about most often is disputes between residents and village owners/managers that the parties have not been able to resolve.

The ACT RVRA, in conjunction with the Property Council of Australia (many RV owners are members of this organisation) has produced a very useful brochure dealing with Dispute Resolution which sets out all the options you have when a dispute arises between yourself and the village operator which you have not been able to resolve.

Have a look at this brochure here

Hard copies of this brochure are currently being distributed to all ACT retirement villages. We hope to complete this distribution early in 2024.

Please contact us on  if you have not received a copy of this brochure by the end of January 2024.

At a later date, we intend to produce a brochure which spells out options to assist a RV resident to resolve a dispute with another RV resident.

The Retirement Villages Handbook that is produced by the ACT Government also provides some valuable information about where residents can go to get assistance to resolve their intractable disputes.

Read  more on the Disputes Resolution process here