FORUM Wednesday 17 July 2024

Yes, our public Forum is on again! This year’s event features 4 dynamic speakers talking about issues and services important to all seniors, but particularly those living in Retirement Villages. Check out the flyer for more details. We hope you can join us to be informed and enjoy a delicious afternoon tea at Ginninderra Labor Club, Charnwood. RSVP appreciated to

Hey Google: what are the most popular questions Googled about retirement villages?

The blog is a very useful site providing news and information for retirees about the Retirement Village sector. We hope you find this series of short (mostly 1-3 minutes) videos from the blog page to be informative and helpful in answering the question Hey Google: what are the most popular questions Googled about Retirement Villages? Used with permission from the DCM Group.

Retirement Living Council: Better Housing for Better Health Report (November, 2023)

In November 2023, the Retirement Living Council released a very important report titled ‘Better Housing for Better Health’. The report noted that Australia is currently experiencing a demographic shift propelled by an ageing population. Currently there are approximately 2 million people aged over 75 around the country, and over the …

Disputes Resolution Brochure

The ACT RVRA and the Property Council of Australia (many RV owners are members of this Council) have produced a very useful brochure for RV residents that sets out all the options you have when a dispute arises between yourself and the village operator which you have not been able to resolve.

Concerns and Complaints in ACT Retirement Villages

If you have a concern or complaint today about issues that arise in your retirement village, what do you do?

The ACT RVRA recently presented a petition to the ACT Government requesting the government set up a Retirement Village Ombudsman with binding decision-making powers and enforcement powers.

The ACT government is considering this issue at the moment.

However, if you have a current concern or complaint, and you are not able to resolve this problem, please consider calling the ACT Human Rights Commission for a confidential chat. They are happy to assist you to resolve your problem.